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The Artisan Workshop 

 - Diving into the Japaense Spirit -


#1 Kaoshi: The Art of Japanese Stage Make Up 

(Total 3 Parts) 


​Part 1: Kaoshi - Female Makeup (Onnagata)  -  

July 25th, 2020 (Sat) 13:00/16:00/19:00* (JST) 
Part 2: Kaoshi - Male Makeup (Tachiyaku) 
August 29th, 2020   (Sat)   13:00/16:00/19:00* (JST) 

Part 3: Kaoshi - Heroes and Spirits (Kumadori) 

September 26th, 2020 (Sat)   13:00/16:00/19:00* (JST)   

*All 19:00 lessons will be hosted in English

with small gift

(only to residents in Japan)
​ / 10,000 JPY 

no gift​ / 4000 JPY 

 (Max. 5 participants/ ) 

 About a Kaoshi


A Kaoshi is a make up master who works backstage for Japanese traditional dance performances. 

The work of Kaoshis can transform the face of a performer into their characters like magic. 

The speed and accuracy of the kaoshi’s elegant brushstrokes is a true art. 

In this workshop, we will welcome Mr.and Mrs. Kageyama as guests. With a career of over 40 years, they have worked for numerous kabuki and Japanese dance performances, and in 2014 their work was shown on Vogue magazine.

Mr. and Mrs. Kageyama will show us the beauty and artistry of stage makeup, which can usually only be seen backstage. Through conversations with them, we will learn about what it takes to live as a kaoshi.


 Workshop topics:  

  • The job of a kaoshi  

  • Introduction to traditional Japanese performing arts

  • Live make up demo 

  • The artisan’s tools

  • The life of a kaoshi 

  • Life philosophy as an artisan

  • Live Q&A/ discussion with workshop participants

​ About the Workshop 

  • Please note that the workshop is not intended to teach the participants how to master the artisan’s technique, but rather a demonstration.  

  • All workshops will be held live online via Zoom. Participants will need to login from their computers or mobile devices. After completing registration a Zoom link will be sent to.

  • The workshop is a total of 3 lessons. For those who cannot participate in all classes but physically cannot attend the live class can watch an archive video at a later date. 

  • Workshops can also be taken as a single class but they will not receive the gift.   


Atsushi Kageyama

Mieko Kageyama


Chitose Junya     (13:00/16:00)  in Japanese
Mirei Yamagata   (19:00)   in English

with small gift

(only to residents in Japan)
​ / 10,000 JPY 

no gift​ / 4000 JPY 

 (Max. 5 participants/ ) 

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